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8:00PM – 10:00PM
Open Practice (VS Stattegg)
6:30PM – 8:00PM
8:45PM – 10:15PM
6:05PM – 7:05PM
8:30PM – 9:30PM
6:05PM – 7:05PM

The story behind Dancesport Club Ligist

Beginning of 1997, a dance class for couples was started in Ligist. Over time, the class grew into a larger establishment in Ligist, that served as a stepping stone to the founding of a new danceclub in the Fall of 1998. Finally, on October 14th 1998, the founding meeting took place at Gasthof Feichter and the board was elected. Dancesport Club Ligist was born.

Group Training

In group lessons we will develop the foundation skills of dance: The technical skills of basic. With the help of various exercises, this training unit will teach dancers the basic forms and essential movement techniques.

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Open Practice

At the weekly Open Practice we prepare for real life tournament circumstances. We make use of the whole dance floor to e.g. practice personal choreographies under tournament choreographies (tournament simulations) or to improve ones “floorcraft”. Also important is the fair behavior towards other dance couples (avoiding collisions, altering the choreography).

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Camps & Workshops

In addition to our regular classes we also offer camps, workshops, intensive training days and Kader training courses in Standard- and Latin American Dance.

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Mehrmals im Jahr gibt es auch die Möglichkeit von den Besten aus aller Welt zu lernen. Immer wieder bekommen wir Besuch von bekannten Persönlichkeiten wie zum Beispiel Dirk Heidemann, Matis Toome oder Areg Avanesyan.

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